Our Mission

  • To spread knowledge and inspire research into better oral health all over the world.

Cochran Dental Care aims to establish and maintain (in the organization’s Divisions and Sections) a diverse range of programs to promote research into oral health issues. Additional support will be directed toward regions with a shortage of well-developed research programs.

The Association seeks to cultivate international associations (http://www.iadr.org/) and connect with organizations dedicated to dental health and related industries, health authorities, and scientific institutions.

  • To provide support for and advocate for the community of oral health research professionals.

Cochran Dental Care’s current structure and operations will be extensively studied and modified as necessary to foster a wider membership, more recruitment and participation, and enhancement of the organization’s capacity to implement its Strategic Plan.

The Headquarters of Cochran Dental Care is to be developed as a useful centralized clearinghouse allowing Divisions, Groups, Sections, and members to communicate and share information.

  • To make it easier to share and apply research findings.

Cochran Dental Care must be a facilitator to make it easier to present and disseminate the latest knowledge in the field of oral health.

Get To Know The Cochran Dental Care Team:

Jeff Durad

You don’t have to spend much time with Dr. Jeff Durrad to understand just how committed he is to helping his patients, his community, and his practice. A long-time native of the Orlando, Florida, area, Dr. Durrad brings advanced training, up-to-the-minute techniques, premium materials, and vast experience to each of his patients in order to satisfy their needs completely.

Christen Bernie

Dr. Christen Bernie is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and the oldest of Dr. Ted Bernie’s daughters. After graduating from Wahlert High School in 1998, she graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota summa cum laude. Dr. Bernie earned her DDS degree in 2006 at The University of Iowa College of Dentistry.

Steph Lucky

Steph entered the dental hygiene profession after graduating from Parkland College in Illinois in 2004. She has worked in a range of different dentistry jobs, bringing her total experience in the field up to a full 15 years. Steph is a licensed dental hygienist in Illinois, Wyoming, and Florida. She’s very happy to become part of the Cochran Dental Care family, and she looks forward to helping patients with the very latest technology and very highest standards of treatment. Steph believes strongly that patients’ needs always come first.

Ellie Down

Ellie has worked as a dental assistant for 15 years now. She considers it a privilege to be part of the best dental care team in Florida and to serve our wonderful patients. Beyond the office, Ellie is dedicated to her husband Doug and her two great daughters, Olivia and Ella.

For more information on the revolutionary research we’re doing to move the dental industry forward or for answers to any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.